About Us

Alternatives North takes the grassroots approach to democratic change.  Our alliance of interests provides a forum and a voice for issues analysis, popular action and social change.


  • conduct or administer research about social, environmental and economic justice
  • develop alternative policies and practices promoting a people‐ and earth‐ friendly society;
  • co‐operate and collaborate with organizations, agencies, faith groups, institutions and businesses that pursue similar purposes

Members are representatives of churches, labour unions, environmental organizations, women and family advocates, anti-poverty groups, as well as individual citizens.

Alternatives North meets weekly, except during the summer months.  Meetings take place on Wednesdays over the noon-hour in the Ecology North boardroom located at 5016 50 Avenue, Lower Level, Yellowknife. Participation by Zoom is possible.

You’re welcome to join our meetings!  Agendas will be posted in advance.  Please contact us ahead of time to ensure the meeting has not been rescheduled or temporarily moved to another location, or to get a Zoom link.

You or your organization are also welcome to present at our meetings.  Please contact us if you have a topic you would like to share.


Individuals and organizations are invited to join Alternatives North.

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