AN Releases Submission to Climate Change-Energy Consultations

Alternatives North has released its submission to the GNWT Climate Change Strategic Framework and Energy Strategy consultations.

The submission was prepared by Alternatives North in response to the territorial government’s request for input into its development of complementary plans for energy use and for combatting climate change.

Submission highlights include:

  • climate science demands that we rapidly switch to renewable energy,
  • NWT targets should be 80% renewable energy by 2025 and 100% by 2050,
  • renewable energy credits / carbon offsets offer a temporary way to rapidly take action, and should be considered “the right thing to do” in the same way that recycling is viewed by many people,
  • GNWT energy initiatives must be rigorously evaluated to prove that they are the most cost effective way of achieving the transition to renewable energy

Read the media release, the submission and the 100% Renewable by 2050 report.

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