Alternatives North Annual General Meeting

Alternatives North will hold its 2016-17 Annual General meeting Wednesday, October 11, 2017 commencing at 12:10 p.m.

Training Room 1

Ground Floor, North Star Building

4910 53rd Street

Yellowknife, NT

Business to be handled will include:

  1. Consideration of the Annual Activities Report
  2. Adoption of Annual Financial Statements
  3. Adoption of Revisions to the Constitution and By-laws (the proposed Constitution and By-laws can be reviewed at
  4. Appointment of Directors

The main changes to the Constitution and By-laws are:

-updating our constitution to reflect more closely what we do,

-the inclusion of consensus-based decision making provisions to reflect how our decisions are made, and

-using the phrase “social, environmental and economic justice” throughout, for consistency and to reflect the inter-relationship between these elements of justice

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