Alternatives North Comments on Draft Climate Change Action Plan

As the GNWT acknowledges, the action plan outlines a list of things GNWT is doing right now.  It presents no evidence that GNWT understands the striking context so directly presented in the latest IPCC report. We have but a decade to roll back our emissions dramatically. Focused and immediate action is required.  The consequences of not doing so are both clear, and dire, and have to do with our ability to continue as something close to a normally functioning society.

Existing financial resources and authorities, particularly within the lead Departments of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) and Infrastructure (INF), guarantee ongoing failure of GNWT to address climate change in the NWT.  Minimal new funding was secured for any part of the Action Plan; in fact, anything requiring additional funding is pushed off to the future.

This ‘plan’ appears to only address impacts and adaptation, ignoring mitigation and leaving it to the weak Energy Strategy that has already been adopted (done well in advance of this Action Plan with new funding attached).  This is misguided. Mitigation needs to be a front and centre element in any real action plan.  We understand that INF is the lead on mitigation but the absence of mitigation in the Climate Change action plan just underscores the lack of coordination and confused authorities that are ongoing.

Read the full submission. 

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