Mineral Resources Act Consultation Website Launched

A coalition of NWT and national advocacy groups have created a website to
promote informed input into the territorial government consultation on a new
Mineral Resources Act.

The responsibleminingnwt.ca website was created as a result of a review of the
proposed Act by the groups. It contains resources including mining practices and
revenue options research, pertinent media coverage and video resources.

The participating groups are Alternatives North, the Council of Canadians NWT Chapter, Ecology North, Mining Watch Canada, the Northern Territories Federation of Labour, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Association and the Canadian Arctic Resources Committee. .

The website resource will provide informed best practices to build a world class
mineral strategy for the NWT that will: reflect current requirements to respect the
inherent, constitutional and international rights of Indigenous Peoples with comanagement
authority over land and resources; maximize revenue generation;
ensure ample infrastructure and legacy funds are built into a mining strategy; and
provide regulations for companies to operate on the highest levels of safety and
environmental accountability. In their input to the consultation, the groups saw the
need to provide information and resources for those wanting to participate, but
lacking expert knowledge of issues and policy alternatives.

The website contains a link to the Government of the Northwest Territories
survey and to the consultation discussion paper. Written submission can also be
contributed to the consultations.

December 1 is the deadline for submissions to the Mineral Resources Act

Download the media release


Read the media release.  

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